We organize your healthcare business and thus improved customer health.


Wrizto's vision is to organise and simplify every event in the Healthcare domain. Wrizto’s mission is a multi dimensional streamlining of businesses in Healthcare. Firstly for a Healthcare Seeker, mission is to guide towards reliable high quality Healthcare services at affordable cost. Secondly for a Healthcare service provider, goal is to streamline the day to day operations & businesses, with optimised clinical workflow processes. Third, for Healthcare business entities, objective is to enable a value chain creation to reach out to needy customers by enabling a high visibility window across the Healthcare business verticals. We offer a unique proposition for healthcare as a mashup service for following segments:

Corporate & Enterprise

Wrizto helps in providing guided value-chain healthcare service delivery between all the stakeholders e.g. Policy holders, Care providers, Insurance and Corporates.
Key benefits: Improved Quality-Care, Cost-containment & Decision supports tools



Discover-&-Encash Insurance benefit
across all stakeholders


Health Wallet

Cashless Payment solution for
Businesses & Consumers



Health Management Services to
Enterprises & their staff

Care providers

Wrizto helps care providers to redefine engagement experience with the customers with one-window Billing-&-Reporting system.
Key benefits: Corporate footfalls, Home-care & On-line queries



Standard Billing-Inventory &
Report management



Insurance-aggregation, Syndication
& Distribution management


Medical Practitioners

Customer tracking and health
record sharing system.

Product & Service Partners

In the rapidly acceptable digital health systems, Wrizto plays an increasingly critical role to its partners to discover consumers across businesses.
Key benefits: Identification & Connectivity to addressable customers


Point-care Devices

Remote monitoring & preventive
care connectivity



Round the clock ambulance &
emergency medical services.

My Wrizto

“WRIZTO” is a platform ecosystem that enables consumers to manage his/her and family health account (Medical and health data management facility). Further it provides an aggregate managed services from illness, fitness to wellness. We believe WRIZTO will be the platform of the future and will revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve communication between the provider to provider and with consumer.

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Health Commerce


By using survey methodology across demographics we analyze health-wellness management. Few of our study & thesis
conducted under reputed institutions have been published We reevaluate our designs by using a model
prototype to enhance precision.

about us

Wrizto is two years old Healthcare Technology company, subsidiary of Wenzins Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd. , located at the envious part of the Bangalore, Basavanagudi.

Wrizto team consists of highly skilled individuals in product & technology complemented by decades of Healthcare experienced champions. Take a look at the team.

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